LAYER founder Anthony Watts
LAYER Anthony Watts in Studio


My name is Anthony Watts and I started LAYER because I love design.  I’ve always been one of those people who obsesses over the way spaces look and feel. 

Before starting LAYER, I’d spent the bulk of my career in fashion.  I was a fashion editor for ELLE and Details magazines and I lead experiential retail design for brands including SAINT LAURENT, BURBERRY and the luxury food purveyor, DEAN & DELUCA.   I was responsible for “setting the mood”.  That basically means, if you walked into a store or an event, I was one of the principles responsible for the lighting, the scent, the layout, furniture etc.  

My ultimate goal has always been to elicit an emotional response. A gasp from party guests at events because I allocated a huge portion of the budget to flowers was always particularly rewarding, and immediate. Seeing shop floors filled with people shopping and feeling comfortable and welcomed was great too. Danny Meier coined the phrase “enlightened hospitality” when explaining the customer-focused culture of his company. I take that concept to heart and it’s my North Star for pretty much everything. 

There are many elements to design that work together to make spaces work  – a multi sensorial concert of well-considered elements that are seamlessly complimentary. My reason for starting LAYER was to offer a direct-to-consumer model of the skills I’ve developed throughout my career. For me, working with interior designers is similar to working with Creative Directors – the designer sets the tone and I help to bring it to life. I also love doing it for end clients who might need a bit more creative guidance. The goal for both is to facilitate an easy, organic and fun experience.

Thank so much for your interest. I look forward to working together.